You can buy a complete DIY kit or buy one or more bare PCB's.

The DIY kit contains all components plus the PCB to build a working DIY sensor station. The included microcontroller is preprogrammed with the latest firmware version. Of course you can update firmware anytime as described in the using section.

Also availabe are bare PCB's. Build sensor stations with friends and get discount on bare PCB's if you buy more than one. Also share shipping costs.

Shipping & handling costs worldwide are $4.10 (USD). I use PostNL, a reliable company in The Netherlands. This is the cheapest option available also meaning no Track & Trace and/or insurence! Other (more expensive) options are available, please mail me. Shipment using a (small) bubble envelope.

Please make sure that you include correct shipping information with your payment !!

I only sell when complete kits are in stock. If you get the sold out message from Paypal try again later.

Building your own? Please consider a small donation to cover development cost, for now and for future projects like the 'A9 Google Earth Datalogger'. I will mail you a big thanks!

Complete DIY kit including all components to build yourself a working sensor station including PCB and preprogrammed ATmega8L microcontroller.
This is what you get: Bill of Materials (pdf).

DIY kit price is only $ 46.00 (USD). Click images to see kit content.
Last 6 kits available!

Single bare PCB to build a sensor station. See image on the left.

Price for 1 PCB is $ 20.00 (USD).

Buy 2 bare PCB's and get >5% discount. See image on the left.

Price for 2 PCB's is $ 38.00 (USD).

Buy 3 bare PCB's and get >12% discount. See image on the left.

Price for 3 PCB's is $ 51.00 (USD).

Do not hesitate to contact me at dkroeske AT d68 DOT nl. Have fun building and using your sensorboard.

Regards, Diederich